Industrial Additives

Additives Product Line
Product Description
IPAC 5095FVII OCP Viscosity Index Improver
IPAC 7105 CFPP Cold Filter Plug Poing and PPD Additive
IPAC 9622APCMO SM High Performance Gasoline Engine Oil Additive
IPAC 1230AHD CH-4 High Performance Diesel Engine Oil Additive
IPAC 1235A CI-4 Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil Additive
IPAC 9625 PCMO Synth Full Synthetic Car Engine Oil Additive
IPAC 689E PCMO Crankcase Additive for Gasoline Engine Oil
IPAC 6390 HD Package Crankcase Additive for Diesel Engine Oil
IPAC 9762 PPD Pour Point Depressant
IPAC 9533 Gear Package Gear Oil Additive Package
IPAC 9583i
IPAC 9217 ATF Dexron III Automatic Transmission Additive Package DEX III
IPAC 744C Hydraulic Antiwear Hydraulic Oil Additive
IPAC 9110 Tractor Package Tractor Hydraulic Additive Package
IPAC 9626Synthetic Additive
IPAC 301 Plus Low Ash 2T ISO GD Premium Low Ash Air-Cooled 2T Package
IPAC 303 Ashless Water-Cooled 2T package
IPAC 304 Economy Ashless 2T Water Cooled Package
IPAC 2310K PCMO Booster Performance Booster Additive for Gasoline Engine Oil
IPAC 7351 Turbine Oil Additive Package
IPAC 9190 Power Transmission Oil Additive Package
IPAC 2587 A high performance Marine Oil additive
IPAC 2579 A high performance Marine Diesel Cylinder Oil additive
IPAC 2412 Ashless Extreme Pressure Additive for Grease
IPAC 2113 Oxidation, Corrosion and EP Wear Inhibitor
400 OB (TBN) TBN Booster
Metal Working Product Line
Product Description
IPAC 2632 Extreme Pressure Lubricant Additive
IPAC 2200 Emulsifier for Metalworking Fluids
IPAC 2209 Rust & Corrosion Inhibitor
IPAC 2226 Metalworking Fluid Emulsifier
IPAC 2225 Metalworking Fluid Emulsifier